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Adam & Havva Medical is producing protective gear against Covid-19. We are engaged in the production and sales of protective coveralls, protective face shields and masks, footwear and disposable aprons. We ship to Turkey and all over the world. Our team provides all the necessary support considering sales and distribution of our products.


Hair Net

Soft, Light and Breathable for comfortable usage. Suitable for Food Service, Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturing, etc.

Protective Shoe Covers

Strong and reliable material, indoor and outdoor usage.

Protective Coveralls

The edge of the hood, waist, trotters and sleeves have elastic band. There is a 75 cm zipper for comfortable wearing and removing.

Tek Kullanımlık Koruyucu Önlük

Disposable Protective Gowns

Non-woven air permeable Spunbond material. With a velcro band on the back and elastic band on the sleeves.

Koruyucu Maske

Protective Masks

Surgical mask, also known as procedure mask, medical mask or simply face mask, is intended to be used by healthcare professionals during surgery and patient care to prevent bacteria from being transmitted.


Face Shield

The face shield manufactured by Adem Havva Medical protects the face against possible splashes, body fluids, blood pathogens, contamination from harmful chemicals.

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